Something Missing

Recently I made a pan of cookie bars. As I was mixing the bars, I felt that something wasn’t right. I wondered if an ingredient was missing. So I read the recipe again. Then I realized that I had forgotten to add baking soda. Without baking soda, the bars would not raise — they would turn out flat.
This made me think about how we interact with other people. Sometimes we have something missing in our relationships. We tell a friend that we love them, but we don’t show our love to them. Our love for them is not complete until we do something to show our love.
Verse 18 of our Bible Reading says, “My children, our love should not only be words and talk. No! Our love must be true love. We should show our love by the things we do.” We should show our love to others not just by our words, but by the way we treat them.
As you see friends and family members today, make your love complete. Do something to show them that you love them!