Something Special

In our Bible Reading today, a woman did something very special for Jesus. This happened right before Jesus was killed.
Jesus was eating at the house of Simon in Bethany. A woman came with a jar of very expensive perfume. She poured the perfume on Jesus’ head.
Some of the people eating with Jesus were upset. They thought that the perfume was wasted. They said that the perfume should have been sold and the money given to poor people.
But Jesus told the people not to bother the woman. He said, “She did a very good thing for me” (verse 10b). Then Jesus said that the woman did this to prepare His body to be buried. Finally Jesus said (verse 13b), “The Good News will be told to people in all the world. And in every place where the Good News is told, the story of what this woman did will also be told. And people will remember her.”
This woman worshiped Jesus and showed Him her love. We need to love and worship Jesus, too.