Son of David

In the very first verse of the New Testament (Matthew 1:1), Jesus is called the Son of David. “This is the family history of Jesus Christ. He came from the family of David and Abraham.”
However, the title Son of David was used by Jewish people to mean the Messiah. In our Bible Reading, the Pharisees (Jewish religious leaders) answered Jesus’ question about Christ by saying, “The Christ is the Son of David” (verse 42b). This is the same name the people shouted when Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem a few days before He was crucified (Matthew 21:9).
David was the greatest king of Israel. So the name Son of David shows that Jesus is a king. But His kingdom is not built on powerful armies and wealth. Jesus’ kingdom is built on love and faith.
Jesus’ kingdom will last forever. If we follow and obey Him, we can be part of that wonderful kingdom.