Son of God

The next name for Jesus that we will talk about is Son of God. This name is used about forty-five times in the New Testament.
When we talk about Jesus as the Son of God, we are confessing that we really believe Jesus is God’s Son. We are saying that we believe Jesus is the only true Son of our Heavenly Father. We are also saying that Jesus came from God to be born on earth in a supernatural way. When we call Jesus Son of God, we show that we believe Jesus is God, the same as the Father and the Holy Spirit are God.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that God loved the world so much that He sent His Son to earth. But some people say that Jesus never said He was the Son of God. That is not true. Luke 22:70 says, “They all said, ‘Then are you the Son of God?’ Jesus said to them, ‘Yes, you are right when you say that I am.’”
Our salvation depends on whether we believe that Jesus is God’s Son. Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?