Maybe you are celebrating Christmas today with your family and friends. Maybe you received some Christmas presents. Today we will talk about God’s greatest present to the world — His Son, Jesus Christ.
The Christmas story would be meaningless without the verses from our Bible Reading today. Jesus was born, but He did not stay a baby. He grew up and served other people. Then Jesus was crucified and died. But He arose from the dead. That’s why Jesus came to earth. He became the perfect sacrifice and accepted the punishment for our sins.
Our verses today tell us why God sent Jesus to earth— because He loves us so much! And these verses tell us what will happen because Jesus came to earth — people who believe in Him will have eternal life. The Christmas story is not just a good story. It is a story about salvation through Jesus.
It doesn’t matter if you received Christmas presents or not. What is really important is that you accept God’s present to you!