Songs of Praise

I like to sing praises to God. But I am not sure if I would sing praise songs if I were in jail. But that’s what Paul and Silas did when they were in jail in the city of Philippi.
Our Bible Reading tells us that Paul and Silas were put into jail because they healed a servant girl who had an evil spirit from the devil. Paul and Silas were “beaten severely and thrown into jail” (verse 23a). The jailer put Paul and Silas far inside the jail and put their feet between blocks of wood.
Paul and Silas were hurt and were put into jail unfairly. But what did they do? They prayed to God and sang songs. That is a wonderful lesson for us. When we are hurt or upset, what do we do? Often we complain or blame God and other people for our problems.
Maybe you will face some bad situations today. Don’t be sad and complain. Praise God and thank Him for being with you during difficult times.