The sparrow is a small, noisy bird. Sparrows are also very active birds. Almost everywhere you look, you can see sparrows. The Hebrew word for sparrow seems to mean all small birds that lived in Israel. Often in the Bible the word for sparrow is translated “bird.” According to Psalm 84:3, some of these birds made their homes in the temple. The person who wrote Psalm 84 wanted to be close to God like the birds in the temple.
In Bible times, sparrows were sold for a small amount of money. When a person bought four sparrows, they received a fifth sparrow for free. Our Bible Reading tells us that even though we think sparrows are not valuable, God still watches over them. He knows when one sparrow falls to the ground. God knows all things. He even knows the number of hairs on your head!
We should be happy that God takes care of us. We don’t need to be afraid of bad people. We don’t need to be afraid of bad things happening to us. We can trust God. He loves us. Someday He will take us to be with Him in heaven.
Trust God today to take care of you. Praise Him for His wonderful love and protection!