Special Delivery

I am excited when a person brings a special delivery package to my home. I quickly check to see who sent the package. Then I unwrap it to find out what is inside.
Getting a special package is like getting good news. The news about Jesus’ birth was good news for everyone. God first shared that good news with Mary. Our Bible Reading today says that He sent an angel to tell Mary that she would give birth to God’s Son. “Greetings! The Lord is with you; you are very special to him. You will become pregnant and have a baby boy. You will name him Jesus” (verses 28b and 31b).
Jesus’ birth was good news for the Jews. For many years they had waited for God’s special person, the Messiah, to come. Jesus was that special person. Later Jesus died on the cross to offer salvation to the Jews and to everyone else in the world. So now Jesus’ birth is good news for all people!
Thank God today for sending Jesus to be your Savior.