Special Place

I have a special place where I like to go. This place is in a park. When I am in my special place, I feel peaceful and calm and close to God.
When I am in the park, I see hills and trees that God has made. I feel the wind on my face, and I smell the earth and the plants around me. All of these things remind me of God’s goodness and greatness.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer talks about many amazing things that God has done. He talks about God’s power and loyalty to His people. Then in verses 8 and 9, the writer reminds us that the world around us praises God, too. “Let the sea, and the earth, and everything in them sing loudly. Rivers, clap your hands! All together now, mountains sing out!”
In my special place I can praise and thank God for what He has done. I hope you will take time today to be with God. Think about how much He loves you and wants you to follow Him.