Special Relationship

Recently I became a grandfather for the first time. My little granddaughter is so precious! Even though she is only a few days old, I love her and know that we will always have a special relationship.
Family relationships are special, but my relationship with Jesus is even more special to me. Our Bible verses today talk about this special relationship with Jesus. Verse 1 tells us that Jesus is our helper. Jesus helps us by defending us before God. And verse 2a says, “Jesus is the way our sins are taken away.”
Our relationships with people on earth are important. But it is even more important that we have a relationship with Jesus. Jesus died for us and accepted the punishment for our sins. If we follow and obey Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we will live forever with Him. That is very special!
Enjoy your family relationships. But remember that Jesus is most important. Love Him and serve Him today.