Special Star

The past two days we have talked about the wise men who traveled to worship baby Jesus. Matthew 2:2 says, “The wise men asked people, ‘Where is the new baby that is the king of the Jews? We saw the star that shows he was born. We saw the star rise in the sky in the east. We came to worship him.'”
God made a special star to guide the wise men to find Jesus. Many people think that this event was prophesied by Balaam in the Old Testament. Verse 17a of our Bible Reading says, “I see the Lord coming, but not now. I see him coming, but not soon. A star will come from the family of Jacob. A new ruler will come from the people of Israel.”
Some people think that these verses are talking about Jesus. Jesus came to earth many years after this prophecy, and Jesus is from the family line of Jacob. Also, in Revelation 22:16b, Jesus said, “I am the bright morning star.”
The wise men followed the special star to Jesus. If we follow Jesus, we will find eternal life with Him.