The speed limit on the street in front of my house is 30 miles per hour. One day recently, I was late for work. I drove down the street, and then I saw a policeman who was watching for speeders. I looked at my speedometer, and I was going over 40 miles per hour! I knew I deserved a ticket. Why? Because I broke the law. It didn?t matter if I was a nice person or if I was handsome or rich. I broke the law, and I deserved to be punished.
This experience made me think about sin. Our Bible Reading tells us that ALL people sin. It does not matter how many good things we have done during our lives. We still deserve to be punished. Our sins separate us from Jesus. So we need to find a way to escape the punishment and be close to Jesus. The only way to do those things is to accept Jesus as our Savior.
I hope that Jesus is your Savior. Thank Him today for allowing you to escape the punishment for your sins. If you are not a Christian, read the Bible verses from Romans again. Then obey and follow God.