Spiritual Batteries

I wear two very powerful hearing aids. When the batteries start to lose power, it becomes harder for me to understand what people say. Soon I need to replace the old batteries with new ones.
In our Bible Reading today, Martha was busy doing work. Her sister, Mary, was listening to Jesus teach. Martha became upset because Mary was not helping with the work. Jesus reminded Martha that it was more important to pay attention to Him than to work.
Sometimes I get so busy that I don’t pay attention to God and His Word. Then my “spiritual batteries” lose their power. At these times, it is harder for me to understand what God wants me to do. I need to stop being so busy and pay attention to God. If I spend time reading my Bible and praying, my spiritual batteries become charged again.
Are you busy today? Remember to take time to talk with God and read His Word. Keep your spiritual batteries charged so God can speak to you.