Spiritual Food

I went on a tour of the Holy Land (Israel). I visited places that are mentioned in the Bible. I thought about stories from the Old Testament and things that happened to Jesus and Paul. I learned more about the Jews. I understood more about God’s plan for my life. I felt that I received lots of spiritual food while I was in Israel.
But when I returned home, I got back into my daily habits again. I only had a few minutes each day to read my Bible. I became busy with my job. I spent too much money on junk food. I wasted too much time on the phone or watching TV. Suddenly I felt so hungry for spiritual food. I realized that I needed to spend more time in prayer and Bible study.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus was talking to a large crowd of people. In verse 48 He said, “I am the bread that gives life.” Jesus was telling the people that they needed to follow Him. We all need to receive spiritual food so that we will be strong Christians. We can do that by following Jesus and making Him most important in our lives.