Spiritual Garden (1)

I live in a farming community. At this time of year, the farmers are preparing the soil to plant crops. Many years ago, farmers threw seeds onto the ground and hoped they would grow. Today farmers use modern machinery to prepare and fertilize the ground. They can plant many rows of seeds at a time. Farmers spend much time and money in order to grow crops.

In our Bible Reading, Jesus talked about a farmer planting seeds. The seed in this story is God’s Word, the Bible. The different types of ground are different types of people. We should want to be like the good ground. That kind of person accepts God’s Word and shares it with other people. That produces a good “spiritual garden.”

I am sure that you want your life to be a good spiritual garden. For the next few days we will look at what we should do to allow God’s Word to grow in our lives. Ask God to help you remember these things and apply them to your life.