Spiritual Garden (2)

Today many farmers do not plow their fields before planting. Because of new kinds of seeds and fertilizers, farmers can plant in fields where there are still old plants and weeds. But without these seeds and fertilizers, the farmer must plow the ground. Plowing softens hard ground and makes it ready to receive the seed.

Areas of sin in our lives are like weeds, dead plants and hard ground. Until the weeds and old plants are removed and the soil is softened, a new crop cannot grow. We must get rid of sin in our lives. Then God’s Word can grow and produce good things. Maybe you have the sin of pride or doubt or stubbornness in your life. You need to remove these things before you can produce a good spiritual crop.

Our Bible verses today talk about good things that we should be producing in our lives. Allow God to work in your life to produce a good crop for Him!