Spiritual Garden (5)

For the past few days we have talked about growing good crops. Watering a crop is also very important. Plants need water to survive and grow. Some farmers today use very large irrigation systems. Other farmers just depend on God to send the rain at the right time.

Our Bible Reading today reminds us that plenty of rain is needed for a good crop. When rain and snow fall on the land, plants grow. In the same way, God’s Word makes good things happen. Often these good things happen through other people.

God’s Word tells me that I need to be a servant to other people. When others see my love and concern for them, they may want to become a Christian, too. The Bible teaches me to be kind and loving to my family. When I do this, my family is blessed and happier. These are good things that happen because of God’s Word.

Read and study the Bible today. Let God’s Word help you do good things for Him.