Spiritual Vitamin

People spend lots of money on vitamins. Vitamins may help sick people become well. Or, vitamins may help people stay healthy.
But today I want to talk about a ?spiritual vitamin.? This ?vitamin? contains things that we should remember each day. If we remember these things, they will help us be spiritually healthy.
We should remember these things: Jesus gave us victory over sin and death. The Holy Spirit lives in us. Every day we should tell God that we are thankful for all He has given to us. God has given each of us the ability to serve Him. God shows us mercy when we sin, and He has promised us an inheritance in heaven. And, through Jesus we can have new life.
The underlined letters in the above paragraph spell v-i-t-a-m-i-n. Be sure to take this special vitamin every day. Then you can be spiritually healthy.