Spring is Coming!

I live in Iowa where the winters are usually cold, snowy and cloudy. It is my least favorite time of the year. I get through the winter by thinking about the fact that spring is coming. Some years spring comes earlier than other years. But no matter what, spring always comes.
As I write this devotion, we are experiencing unusually warm temperatures in mid-March. My spring flowers normally do not come up for another month. But they are already blooming!
The first thing I saw as I left the house this morning was a hyacinth that had just bloomed. I was on my way to see my niece, who was in the hospital after a serious car accident. Seeing that flower reminded me that God is still in control and that our problems will not last forever. God gives us new life when we have faith.
The writer of our Bible verses today said that God was faithful and helped him. Maybe you are facing problems today. Trust God. Remember that “spring” is coming!