Spruce Tree

In my front yard is a beautiful blue spruce tree. The tree is quite large and shaped very nicely. The trunk of the tree is straight. The branches reach high into the sky. This tree is one of my favorite trees.
This spruce tree stands strong. It does not bend in the wind. In fact, this tree blocks the wind. Birds build nests in the branches of the tree. A cardinal in our neighborhood likes to sit on one of the branches. The bottom of the tree is very wide and the branches are close to the ground. Small animals like rabbits find shelter under these low branches. I think that a rabbit would feel safe under that tree. The tree would protect the rabbit from other animals and from the bad weather.
Our Bible Reading today reminds me that I know someone who will protect me. I can depend on God to help me stand strong against the devil’s temptations. God also gives me what I need each day. God is so good to me. He is so strong, and He is always there to help me. I hope that You will trust God to protect you, too.