I saw a sweater hanging on a sale rack at a department store. It was dirty and stained, but it was marked down to one-third the original price. If I bought the sweater, could I remove the stains?
I thought about the sweater and finally bought it. I took the sweater home, treated the stains and washed it. Soon the sweater was a bright white, without any stains.
Every day we see people who have been stained by sin. We might wonder if we should take the time to share God’s love with these people. We see only their stains, but God sees them as children that He loves.
In Psalm 51, the writer asks God to forgive him and make him clean again. Verse 7 says, “Remove my sin and make me pure. Wash me until I am whiter than snow!” God can remove all our sins. But we need to be willing to accept His gift of salvation through Jesus.
Reach out to people that you see today. Remember that God loves them and wants to make them clean again.