Stand Firm in God

There are people in the world who do not believe and follow Jesus. Maybe you know some of these people. They are involved in doing evil things. They are successful and have everything they want. They are proud. They don’t struggle to survive. It seems they have an easy life.
The writer of Psalm 73 certainly understood this. He saw wicked people who were successful. These people were healthy and didn’t have to struggle like he did. The writer admitted that he “almost slipped and began to sin” (verse 2).
Like the writer of this psalm, we need to be careful. When we look at other people who do not follow God, we may be tempted to sin like they do. Don’t let that happen to you. The writer warns in verse 27, “God, people who leave you will be lost. You will destroy the people who are not faithful to you.”
Stand firm in God and His word. Remain faithful to Him.