Stand Strong

Most of my friends know that I can fall asleep anywhere. I have fallen asleep sitting in a chair and riding in a car. But most of all, I seem to fall asleep in church!
In our Bible Reading for today, Jesus is praying in a garden. He is about to face death on a cross, so He is very troubled. Jesus asks His followers to stay awake and pray. But twice Jesus comes to His disciples and finds them asleep. Jesus tells them, “Your spirit wants to do what is right, but your body is weak” (verse 38b). I can understand how the disciples must have felt!
I am trying to not fall asleep in church. Before I go to church, I pray and ask God to keep me strong. God helps me fight the temptation to fall asleep so I don’t miss any of the teaching and singing.
Ask God to help you pay attention to Him and His Word. Pray for His help to stand strong against temptation today.