Stand Strong

My little niece likes to watch a children’s television show called “Dora, the Explorer.” This is a program that encourages children to help the cartoon characters solve problems. One character is a fox named Swiper. His name comes from the word “swipe” which means to steal. Swiper is always trying to take things from the other characters.
If my niece sees Swiper on the television, she is supposed to help Dora by shouting, “Swiper, no swiping (stealing)!” Then the fox runs away because he knows that someone has caught him trying to steal.
In the same way, our Bible Reading today encourages Christians to stand strong. The writer tells us not to lose our courage. He also reminds us that problems will come. But when problems happen, we should not back down. No matter what we face we should stand strong. The devil wants us to be weak. He wants to steal our courage.
The next time you face problems, remember to say to the devil, “No swiping! No stealing!”