Stars (1)

I have a necklace and earrings that have gold stars on them. Both the necklace and earrings sparkle when light shines on them. These pieces of jewelry are pretty, and they are man-made. But they cannot compare to the beautiful things God has made.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us about the beautiful stars that God made. He made the stars to be lights in the sky for us.
Sometimes we get so busy doing things, that we do not notice the beautiful things around us ? trees, flowers, stars, bright sunny days, butterflies and soft puppies. God made all these things for us. Some of these things God made to help us. Other things are just for us to enjoy.
I hope that you will notice the special things around you today. Notice the animals you see outside. Look up in the sky and see what God has made. Praise God for making all these wonderful things for you. Then thank God for His love and care.