Stars (4)

Sometimes I look at the stars at night, and I think about how small they look and how far away they are. The sky is very dark, but the stars shine very brightly.
Often verses in the Bible talk about the ?darkness of sin.? Christians should be ?lights? in the dark (sinful) world. Verse 16 of our Bible Reading says, ?…you should be a light for other people. Live so that people will see the good things you do. Live so that people will praise your Father in heaven.?
Christians need to shine in the dark world in the same way that a star shines in the dark sky. We need to do the things that Jesus told us to do. We need to show love to all people. Then we will be ?lights? for Jesus.
Sometimes I think that I can?t do much to help people know about Jesus. But then I think about the stars. One star does not give off a lot of light. But all the stars shining together are very bright.
Look for ways to ?shine ? for Jesus today.