Start Moving!

The Israelites felt trapped! They had been slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years. Finally, Pharaoh had given them their freedom. But as the Israelites were leaving Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind and started to chase after the Israelites. Pharaoh’s army was behind them, and the Red Sea was in front of them!

The Israelites were scared. They started complaining to Moses. They asked Moses why he had brought them out into the desert. They said they could have died peacefully in Egypt. The Israelites felt that they had two choices. They could go back to slavery in Egypt or walk into the Red Sea and drown.

But God had other plans for the Israelites. In Exodus 14:15-16, God told Moses what to do. “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Why are you still crying to me? Tell the Israelites to start moving. Raise the walking stick in your hand over the Red Sea, and the sea will split. Then the people can go across on dry land.’” The Israelites walked across the Red Sea on dry land, and the Egyptian army drowned in the sea.

We face problems every day. Often we think we have to solve them alone. Instead, we need to let God take control of our problems. Then we can depend on His strength and start moving!