Stay Close to Jesus

In our Bible Reading today, Jesus said that He is a shepherd, and His followers are His sheep. In verse 28, Jesus said, “I give my sheep eternal life. They will never die. And no person can take them out of my hand.”
When we obey Jesus and become a Christian, we belong to Him. No one can take us away from Him. But sometimes people decide to stop following Jesus. They choose to live their life far away from Him.
We all sin and fail to follow Jesus perfectly. But we need to always try to obey and serve Him. When we sin, we should ask God to forgive us and help us stay away from sin.
Jesus died on the cross and then arose from the dead. I am not going to forget what He did for me. I want to stay close to Him and His Word every day.
You have a choice today. You can stay close to Jesus or you can follow the world. What will you decide?