Stay Close to Jesus

Many times people lose things. They look and look, but they cannot find what they lost.
Sometimes people feel like they have lost Jesus. They usually feel that way when they are facing a hard time in their life. Verse 2a of our Bible Reading reminds us to always stay close to Jesus. “We should always follow the example of Jesus. Jesus is the leader in our faith. And he makes our faith perfect.”
I am going through a hard time right now. I am taking classes at Deaf Missions. In several months I plan to be married. But my fiance is at school in another place. It is hard for me to be away from him and my family. I try to remember that I need to keep my life focused on Jesus. He will strengthen me and help me through this hard time.
Maybe you are facing a hard time in your life. Or maybe you are struggling with a problem. Remember that Jesus is always with you. Read His Word and stay close to Him!