Stay Faithful

Chapters two and three of Revelation have messages from Jesus to His followers in seven different cities. Each message has special words for the people in each city. But all followers of Jesus can learn from these words and apply them to their lives.
Today’s verses are the message for the followers of Jesus in Philadelphia (not the same city as Philadelphia in the USA). Jesus told these followers that He was giving them an opportunity to serve Him and to grow in their faith (verse 8).
Jesus warned His followers that soon people would try to lead them away from Him. These people would teach things that were wrong. But these false teachers would pretend to be people who loved God. Jesus told His followers not to be fooled by false teachers. He said that people who are faithful to Him will truly receive their reward.
How can we know that a person is teaching true things? We can read the Bible and memorize verses. If we know God’s Word, it is much easier to know when someone is teaching lies.