Stephen was a leader in the church in Jerusalem. Acts 6:1-6 tells us that Stephen was one of the seven men chosen to make sure that the Greek-speaking widows had food to eat. Stephen and these other men were “full of wisdom and full of the Spirit” (Acts 6:3b).
Our Bible Reading tells us that Stephen was able to do miracles, too. But some Jews did not agree with Stephen. They got into an argument. God’s Spirit spoke through Stephen and gave him wisdom. Stephen gave a long speech (Acts, chapter 7). He talked about Abraham and Moses and Joshua. Stephen ended by talking about Jesus.
The Jews were so upset with Stephen that they dragged him out of the city and stoned him. Before Stephen died, he asked God to forgive the people who were killing him.
We should all want to be like Stephen. He was a loving and forgiving Christian. And Stephen was willing to die for Jesus.