Sticky Notes

I love “sticky notes.” Sticky notes are those wonderful little pads of colored paper. These notes have “sticking power” ? they will stick to other surfaces, but they can also be easily removed. I like being able to put them anywhere, take them down, make changes and stick them again. When I no longer need the sticky note, it peels off and I can throw it away.
Sometimes my prayers do not have “sticking power.” God has promised to pay attention to my prayers and take care of me. But often I worry when God does not answer my prayer right away. I take back my prayer just like I remove a sticky note. I make changes in my prayer and give it back to God. My doubts and fears cause me to not trust God for the right answers.
I believe God knows what is best for me. I should pray to Him and let Him answer my prayers in His time and in His way. Then I will have peace in my life.