Stop and Think!

When I was young, my mother gave me some good advice. She told me that I should stop and think before I do something important.
Today is the first day of December. My advice to you is to stop and think about Christmas. Then ask yourself this important question: Will the things I do and say this Christmas season bring honor to Jesus?
Often we become very busy during December. We have many things to do and places to go before Christmas Day. We are so busy that we forget that Christmas is about God’s love for us.
Take some time today and think about your schedule for this month. Maybe you can remove some things that are not really important. Or maybe you can decide to worry less about what other people think about your Christmas decorations and the gifts you give.
Our Bible Reading reminds us that God loves us. He loves us so much that He was willing to send His only Son to die for us. That’s what Christmas is all about!