We have probably all seen pictures on TV of boats in storms. The wind and the waves toss the boats around. Sometimes the water will tear the boats apart. People who are on these boats hold tightly to the boat and pray that they will be okay through the storm.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus? followers were in a storm on the lake. They were afraid that they would drown. But Jesus stopped the wind. The lake became calm.
We all face storms in our lives. Your storm may be family problems or sickness or financial problems. No matter what storm you face in life, Jesus will be with you ? just like He was with His followers in the boat.
When we are facing storms in our lives, it is hard to see Jesus. But if we will depend on Him, He will take care of us and give us peace. Jesus will help us go safely through the storm.
Maybe you are facing problems in your life today. Remember that Jesus is in control. You can depend on Him for power and strength.