Julia’s husband was in a hospital, far from their hometown. Julia’s husband was dying, so she wanted to stay close to him. Julia stayed in a room a short distance from the hospital.
One Sunday, Julia’s sister, Mary, came to visit. They went to church in the city. As they entered the church, no one greeted them except two people who already knew them. During the worship service, several people performed a skit. The skit was about welcoming people to church. Then the minister talked about being friendly to other people.
As Julia and Mary left the service, no one spoke to them. Julia and Mary had watched a skit and heard a sermon about being friendly, but they felt like strangers when they left the church.
In our Bible Reading, Paul reminded Christians to show real love to other people. In verse 13 he said, “Look for people that need help, and welcome those people into your homes.”
Think about your church. Are the people friendly to strangers? Or are they like the church Julia and Mary visited? Don’t forget to show God’s love today.