In our Bible verses for today, Peter tells us that we should live like we are visitors or strangers in this world. This means that we should live like we don’t belong here on earth. Why would Peter tell us this?
Peter wants us to remember that we belong with Jesus in heaven. But our bodies are here on earth, and we want to do wrong things. If we remember that we don’t really belong here, it will be easier for us to resist temptation. We will not want to sin. And, we will be a good witness to other people. They will see how we live and notice that we belong to Jesus instead of the world.
If we follow Jesus, some people might say that we are doing bad things. But if we continue to do good things, they will see that we are really God’s children. Then these people will want to know more about following Jesus.
Remember to live like a stranger in this world. Don’t forget that you belong with Jesus in heaven.