Strong and Brave

My fiancee and I had lots of questions about our future. When would we get married? Where would we live? Would we have children? What could we do for God as a couple? These questions were scary. We were not sure what to do.
In our Bible verses for today, we learn about Joshua. God chose him to lead the Israelites after Moses died. Joshua must have had many questions, too. God encouraged Joshua by telling him, “… you must be strong and brave about obeying the commands my servant Moses gave you. If you follow his teachings exactly, you will be successful in everything you do” (verse 7).
This verse helped my fiancee and me find answers to our questions. We knew that we must obey God and His teachings. We also knew that God would not fail us.
Are you facing some important choices today? Do you want to be successful in everything you do? Be strong and brave, depend on God and obey His Word.