Strong Faith

My dad taught me how to ride a bicycle. Learning to ride was not easy. I had to balance on two wheels and try not to fall off. It was much easier with Dad’s help.
I can still remember how I learned to ride my bike. I sat on the bike, and Dad walked behind me. He firmly held onto the back of my bicycle seat. At first, he helped me steer. When I gained some confidence, he only held onto the seat of the bike.
I trusted my dad. I knew that he would not let me fall. He waited until I was ready to ride by myself, and then he let go of the bicycle. I had faith in him and the things he taught me.
If we want to please God, we need to have this same kind of faith. We need to believe that God will always be with us and never fail us. Our Bible verses today talk about Abraham whose “faith never became weak” (verse 19b).
Be like Abraham today. Have a strong faith in God and trust Him to guide you every day.