Strong Foundation

On my door I have a wreath made of artificial flowers. The other day I opened the door, and a bird flew out of the wreath. I looked at the wreath and saw that the bird had been building a nest there. Most of the nest fell on the ground when I opened the door.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus talked about two men who built houses. One man built his house on a strong foundation of rock. The other man built his house on sand. When a storm with winds and rain came, the house on the rock stood strong. But the house on the sand fell apart.
Sometimes we try to build our hopes, trust and dreams on things that are not from God. These can be things like friends, family, money, education, beauty, health or youth. None of these things are bad, but they should not be the foundation of our lives. When problems happen, these things can fall apart — just like the bird’s nest fell apart.
Put your hope and trust and faith in Christ today.