Strong Tree

Psalm 1 talks about a tree and chaff. When trees have plenty of water and good roots, they grow strong and tall. Chaff is the seed coverings and stems from grain. A farmer separates the grain from the chaff. The chaff is very light and is easily blown away.

If we love and obey God, we are like a tree. As we learn more about God and share His love with others, we mature and become stronger in our faith. But if we do not love and obey God, we are like chaff. We are easily influenced by false teachings. We do not grow and become strong.
How can we be like a strong tree that produces good fruit? Verse 1 of our Bible Reading says that we should not pay attention to evil advice or live like sinners. Verse 2 tells us we should love God’s Word and think about it all the time.

Think about your life today. Build your life on God and His Word. Then you will grow and be a strong Christian.