If you ask people what success means, you will get many answers. If you do a search on the Internet or read books, you will see that there are many opinions about what success means. The problem with most of these opinions is that they are not based on God’s Word.
Many people think that the writer of Ecclesiastes was King Solomon. He certainly was a man who was successful. The verses from our Bible Reading today tell us that he had great wealth and many treasures. But King Solomon concluded that “it was all a waste of time! It was like trying to catch the wind. There is nothing to gain from anything we do in this life” (verse 11b).
If we want to have success on earth, we need to use wisdom from God’s Word and make sure that our success will not keep us from serving God. And we need to follow Solomon’s advice in Ecclesiastes 12:13b: “The most important thing a person can do is to respect God and obey his commands.”