I asked my friend, Annie, how to make homemade bread. She taught me how to mix the yeast and water with the dry ingredients.
Annie stirred the dough and turned it out onto the table. She taught me how to knead the dough. We added flour and pushed and folded the dough. Then we let the dough rise in a warm bowl. Soon it was ready for the hot oven. The bread was delicious — it was a success!
Later, I wanted to make bread all by myself. I followed Annie’s recipe. The bread smelled good, but it was very flat. After explaining everything to Annie, she said that my yeast was old. The next time I tried making bread, I wanted it to be a success. So I called Annie, and she helped me through all the steps.
Our Bible Reading teaches us that David wanted to follow God’s ways. David knew that it was the only way to be successful. That is good advice for us, too. If we want to be successful in life, we need to know God’s words and obey them.