Summer (1)

Today and for the next few days, we will talk about summer.
I live in Iowa and our summers are usually hot. I do not like hot weather, but I know that plants need hot weather and rain to make them grow. When I was a child, my parents had a garden. I helped them plant seeds, water the plants and remove weeds.
The plants that my parents raised remind me of people. Just as we planted seeds in the garden, we need to plant God’s Word in our hearts. And just as plants need water to grow, we need to keep studying the Bible so we can grow spiritually. We also need Jesus to remove sin from our lives — just as we removed the weeds from our garden.
Our Bible verses today tell us that we should be the kind of people God accepts. How can we do this? We can study the Bible and apply “the true teaching in the right way” (verse 15b). I encourage you to do that today!