Summer (2)

My family had a swing that my father made for us. During the summer, my brother and I spent many hours in that swing. Sometimes we both took turns pushing each other. Other times we would swing alone and try to see how high we could make the swing go.
As I was swinging, I would look up in the sky. I saw clouds and the blue sky. It was easy for me to see the world God had made and to feel His presence. My brother and I also went into the woods near my grandmother’s farm. We enjoyed watching the butterflies and the squirrels. I especially liked to sit on a rock and think about God.
During those special times, I sang and prayed to God. I felt close to God. That must have been how the writer of Psalm 145 felt. “I will praise you every day. I will praise your name forever and ever” (verse 2).
Take time to praise God today!