Summer (4)

One summer day when I was a child, I played near our basement window. I was not paying attention to what I was doing, and I accidently broke the window.
I was afraid to tell my parents about the window. I even thought about pretending that I knew nothing about it. But I felt guilty, so I told my mother what I had done. She said I would have to tell my dad when he came home.
When Dad came home, I did not see him. Later I checked the window, and it had been repaired! My parents had talked about the window and decided not to punish me. They never mentioned the broken window again!
My parents were forgiving. Our Bible Reading today reminds us that God is forgiving, too. Verse 10 says, “We sinned against him, but he didn’t give us the punishment we deserved.” I am so thankful that God loves and forgives me. I hope you are thankful, too.