Summer (5)

Each summer I would spend a week with my friend, Marilyn. Then she would spend a week with me.
I lived in town, but Marilyn lived on a farm. We each had different things to do at our homes. Marilyn’s mother was in a wheelchair, so Marilyn had many chores to do. I remember trying to help her gather eggs. But sometimes the hens did not want us to take away their eggs!
Marilyn and I had a lot of fun together. I would count the days until I could go to her house. I always looked forward to spending time with her on the farm.
We should look forward to the time when Jesus will come again. But our Bible verses tell us that we do not know when Jesus will come. Many people have tried to predict the exact time, but only God knows. So, we must always be ready for Jesus to come and take us to live with Him forever.
Are you ready today to meet Jesus?