Summer Fun (1)

As I think back over this past summer, I remember all the fun I had during the summer when I was a child. Some of my best memories are when I went to Bible camp.

Bible camp was so much fun. I studied the Bible and fellowshiped with other children my age. Years later, my children went to Bible camp, too. When my youngest child went to camp, I missed her so much. But she had a great time — she did not miss me at all!

It is wonderful that children can have times of fun and fellowship. But it is more important that they can get together and praise and worship God. Our Bible Reading tells us about one time Jesus went to the Temple. Verse 15a says, “The leading priests and the teachers of the law…saw the children praising him in the Temple area. The children were shouting, ‘Praise to the Son of David.’”

Take time to praise God and worship with your children and grandchildren today.