Summertime (2)

In the summertime my family always enjoyed food from our garden. My favorite garden food was corn on the cob.
Fields of corn were a common sight in Iowa where I grew up. There were small fields of corn for people to eat, and thousands of acres of corn for feeding animals or making other products. I remember it was always fun to see how fast the corn grew over the summer months. In the fall, the fields of corn were ready for harvest.
Jesus talked about a harvest in our Bible Reading today. But He was not talking about corn. Jesus was talking about people. In verse 37 He said, “There are many, many people to harvest (save). But there are only a few workers to help harvest them.” Millions of people in the world need to know about Jesus, but only a few people are willing to tell them.
You will meet people today who need to accept Jesus as their Savior. Tell them about God’s gift of salvation. And remember to pray that more Christians will share the Good News.