Summertime (4)

As a child, I spent many summer evenings with my friends, catching fireflies (also called lightning bugs). Maybe you can see fireflies in the summertime where you live.
Fireflies are beetles whose bodies give off a light. Usually they fly at night, and they use the light to attract a mate. My friends and I would take a glass jar and punch holes in the lid. Then we would try to catch fireflies in the jar. If we caught several, we would use the jar as a flashlight for that evening.
In our Bible verses, Jesus said that we should be lights for Him. The good things that we do should shine like lights in a world that is dark with sin. When people see the good things we do, we will have opportunities to tell them about God and how much He loves them.
You can be a light for Jesus today. Think and act like Jesus and share His love with others.