Today and for the next six days, we will be talking about the names for the days of the week. Today we will talk about Sunday, the first day of the week.
The name Sunday means “day of the sun.” In French, Spanish and Italian, the word for Sunday comes from the Latin words “dies dominica.” These words mean Lord’s Day. Many Christians around the world gather together and worship God each Sunday.
Our Bible Reading today talks about the sun. The sun is compared to a bridegroom and an athlete. Then verses 6b-7 say, “The Lord’s teachings are like that. The Lord’s teachings are perfect. They give strength to God’s people. The Lord’s Agreement can be trusted. It helps foolish people become wise.” In these verses the sun is compared to God’s Word, the Bible.
We can depend on the sun to rise in the east every morning. And we can depend on the Bible to be true and to show us the right way to live.